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  1. woolnritannia
    Well, somedays my job is awesome. For example, on Mother's Day I finally got a ball winder (better than flowers for sure). Been meaning to buy one for xxx number of years. Poor children scatter to the four winds every time I produce a skein of wool.
    Then, at my knitting club in Liskeard, a lovely lady called Hella, gave me a spare yarn swift she didn't use. Knitty people are so kind and generous with advice,wool and equipment aren't they. In fact,last week a lovely lady called Di gave me a knitting machine cabinet she didn't want. It's perfect for me as it means the gubbins doesn't dominate our house anymore- but that's another story.
    Anyway, when I got in from the club- guess what- the lovely Julia and Matt from Cornish Organic Woolhad sent me every single colour of yarn in their brand new Aran Wool Britanniarange. Well that was just perfect.
    See these pictures to work out how the next hour or two went. What did I do without these 2 little beauties before. Now I know how it felt when the Industrial Revolution was born.
    Now I can experiment with all those yummy colours easily and without
    bribing a small child with weak arms!
    Anyway, was really happy with Matt Hopson's colour pallette. He is a whizz with the dye and great at predicting trends. Look out for the designs for this range here and in all your favourite magazines.
    Got to go now. Middle daugher's Native Indian dance in the school hall is at 2pm and I have some sketching and swatching to fit in before then.
    Happy knitting
    Tina xxx